Motion Control Engineering for Drum Smoker Hinges

When you’re grilling in the backyard on a hot summer afternoon, grill hinges are probably the last thing on your mind. You’ve got kids to watch, a dog who wants to play, and, of course, your burgers sizzling on the rack. 

But when you have to sprint across the lawn to keep the kids from jumping off the swingset, your expensive grill or smoker lid might slam down, and nobody wants that. 

That’s where motion control engineering and counterbalance hinges come into play. With the power of motion control, your grill lid won’t slam when left unattended. Weber Knapp understands the stress of high-stakes grilling and smoking, which is why they’ve designed the drum smoker hing and drum smoker latch handle. 

These counterbalance products revolutionize the grilling / smoking experience, letting you focus on the things that matter. 

Drum Smoker Hinge

The Drum Smoker Hinge is fueled by Vectis™ Technology, Weber Knapp’s custom counterbalance technology.

This innovative spring assisted hinge allows users to keep their hands free when checking on their slow smoking masterpiece. The hinge is built to last and compatible with most drum smokers; here are a few of our most notable features that make this hinge unique:

  • Multi-position spring adjustment to accommodate a variety of lid weights
  • Hinge opens beyond 90° to allow full access to the smoker
  • High-quality, stainless steel hinge body can perform in extreme heat 
  • Convenient bottle opener feature on each side
  • Fits a wide variety of drum smokers

Drum Smoker Hinge Cut Sheet


Drum Smoker Latch Handle

Safely lift your drum smoker lid with our stainless steel latch handle; covered in heavy duty vinyl for strength and durability while providing your fingers with a comfortable and secure grip. Designed with ease in mind, the latch handle can be operated by simply lifting with one hand for quick and easy access.

  • Grooved grips on latch handle conform to your fingers , providing a comfortable and secure grasp. Grips are made with heavy duty vinyl for strength and durability
  • High-quality, stainless steel construction provides high performance in extreme heat
  • One handed operation for quick and easy access; self-latching when closed
  • Fits a wide variety of drum smokers
  • Made in the USA

 Drum Smoker Latch Handle Cut Sheet


Installing the Drum Smoker Hinge and Drum Smoker Latch Handle


Fueling Outdoor and Kitchen Cooking With Motion Control Engineering

Our Vectis™ Technology can be incorporated into many other practical outdoor and professional kitchen applications. 

Learn more about how counterbalance and motion control engineering can improve your kitchen, grill, or restaurant! 

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If you are a manufacturer or dealer and have drum smoker hinge ideas outside our current offerings, reach out. We love a challenge, and will work with you to develop a hinge that meets your needs.

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