Download the Office Ergonomics Safety Guide Designed Just for Managers

Where you’re an office boss or an HR department head, you want your employees to be happy and healthy. In the past, the most overlooked way to do that has been providing them with a fully ergonomic office workstation setup.

Today, HR and executive leaders are beginning to recognize that buying ergonomic office equipment is not just an investment in employees, it’s also an investment in the bottom line. OSHA has said musculoskeletal disorders and other ergonomic injuries have direct costs of $15 billion to $20 billion per year, and total costs reaching $45 billion to $54 billion annually.



Use our new e-book, Manager’s Equipment Guide for a Healthy Ergonomic Office Setup, as a reference for:

  • How ergonomics affect the ROI of your workers
  • Types of ergonomic equipment, and which to prioritize in your building
  • How to use ergonomic equipment safely
  • Other tips for workplace productivity
  • A home office ergonomics checklist
  • Ergonomics in non-traditional settings (i.e. medical ergonomics)
  • How to buy ergonomic equipment successfully

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